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Burmese Days 28.01.2013
Treading water in Kupang 12.01.2013
Infectious smiles 12.01.2013
The Golden Triangle 17.12.2012
Luscious Laos 16.12.2012
China: the good stuff 03.12.2012
Destructive progress 22.10.2012
Kyrgyzstan: an overview 04.10.2012
The animal bazaar 21.09.2012
Making hay while the sunshines 18.09.2012
'If it rained stones, we would find a way to survive.' 16.08.2012
One of life's highs 03.08.2012
Enter the 'Stans 22.07.2012
What a day! 23.06.2012
No trip on the Silk Road would be complete without... 19.06.2012
'You have loud feet' 13.06.2012
Don't go to Georgia if you're on a diet! 31.05.2012
Settling in to a travellers pace 25.04.2012
Welcome to our travels 09.04.2012